Friday, April 23, 2010

BBQ Diplomacy?

I can't decide if I'm further intrigued about this as a case of food diplomacy, or if Reuters just used the catchy title to hook us into what is ultimately a story about one guy's friendship with North Korean diplomats.

Restaurateur wages BBQ diplomacy with N. Korea

I also can't decide if this guy presents an interesting model for citizen diplomacy, or if he just had grandiose visions of being some kind of Cold War-esque spy.

Finally, and I'm only being slightly facetious here, was it the BBQ? And if so, are we talking Texas-style, Carolina mustard, Memphis dry rub, KC Masterpiece, or perhaps some kind of nouveau fashioning (my dad once made some delicious ribs with a blueberry based glaze...)? Or could he just as effectively waged peace with, I don't know... pancakes or pizza or tacos?


  1. I could see pancakes or pizza as a tool of peace--so round and soft! But I'm suspicious of tacos. Surely a taco-brokered peace would be fragile and untrustworthy, liable to fragment in response to the slightest pressure...

  2. Ice Cream Diplomacy in Syria:
    Apt because it was a Syrian who invented the ice cream cone