"Food is my muse, and San Francisco is my soulmate."

This website is the online home of my research/writings/multimedia explorations in the world of food and international culture. It began as a sort of extracurricular exercise in figuring out how to talk about the cultural diplomacy of food, and has now turned into a kind of catch-all website/online portfolio/ever-evolving work in progress. Plus, all the cool kids have blogs these days.

My basic premise is that, by virtue of being delicious, food can make the world a happier place. It's okay if what you think is delicious and what I think is delicious don't align; I promise not to give you the stink eye as you wax poetic about zucchini, so long as you promise the same when I go on and on about how much I love beets. And olive oil. And cheese. And Nutella.

Part of what drives this premise is  something about the "coexistence of cultures in the individual experience," and "an orientation, a willingness to engage with the Other." So you'll also see stuff about traveling and international culture in general. Partially because of my cosmopolitan leanings, and partially because, by some curse of evolution, I'm not actually able to eat 24 hours of the day, and so have to do and think about other things.

If you like what you see, shoot me a note at jaxiecracks [at] gmail [dot] com.